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Fossil: Calling All Curious

Client: Fossil
Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks
Photographer: Jake Chessum
Paper Artist: Jerry Schwartz
Location: New York, NY

Converse: Nana Ouyang

Client: Converse
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai
Director: Roger Guàrdia
Line Producer: Arianne Culley
Location: Boston, MA

BP: Energy Within

Client: BP
Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Christopher Anderson
Location: Houston, TX

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IBM: Let’s Put Smart To Work

Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy
Photographer: Christian Stoll
Line Producer: Weston Auburn
Location: Various locations in California

  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_cm_16980006
  • 266573-A18-012 001
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_dur_0a410008
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_dur_la2720
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_dur_la3684
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_dur_la3835
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_dur_la4488
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_dur_la4897
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_dur_la5314
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_ray_4075
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_ray_4897
  • ho17_bb_nba_live_style_guide_ray_5067

Nike: NBA Live

Client: Nike
Photographers: Durimel; Rays Corrupted Mind
Line Producer: Andrew Runkle
Location: Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY

Tiffany & Co: Blue Book Collection

Client: Tiffany & Co
Director: Owen Silverwood
Location: New York, NY

Canada Goose: Lightweight Down

Client: Canada Goose
Agency: Spring Studios
Director: Christopher Anderson
Creative Producer: John Fego
Line Producers: Alex Max; Jessica Tjeng
Location: Newfoundland, Canada

  • Olympics Deck_horizontal executions (1) 3
  • Olympics Deck_horizontal executions (1) 18
  • Olympics Deck_horizontal executions (1) 19
  • Olympics Deck_horizontal executions (1) 7
  • Olympics Deck_horizontal executions (1) 9
  • Olympics Deck_horizontal executions (1) 8
  • Olympics Deck_horizontal executions (1) 11

BP: American Energy

Client: BP
Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Christopher Griffith
Photographer: Christopher Griffith
Location: Park City, UT; Brooklyn, NY

  • Cappie_NIKE_HAMZA_4
  • Cappie_NIKE_HAMZA_1

Nike: Blazer

Client: Nike
Director: Sharif Hamza
Photographer: Sharif Hamza
Line Producer: Weston Auburn
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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  • east-34492-q80-w1400-h1000-rz3-b75

Adidas: Futurecraft

Client: Adidas
Photographer: Owen Silverwood
Location: San Francisco, CA

  • SURFER_Final_EN
  • DIVER_Final_Map_EN
  • ACC_EN
  • Message_Dictation-EN
  • Nightvision_Final
  • Connected_Drive_Store_NL_movedSKK_FINAL

BMW: ConnectedDrive

Client: BMW
Agency: kbs+
Director: Anders Overgaard
Photographer: Anders Overgaard
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

  • EC2
  • DLTCORO11002_RotBoard_MFC_02_x1a
  • DLTCORO11019_YS_PD01-b_SSNY_00_x1a
  • DLTCORO11002_RotBoard_FTBDMR_04_x1a
  • DestinationPosters_ASIA
  • DestinationPosters_HONGKONG
  • DestinationPosters_JAPAN

Delta Airlines: Keep Climbing

Client: Delta Airlines
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Photographer: Christopher Griffith
Location: Cities worldwide

  • HC_Glamour-1129x1600
  • HC_Golden-final-1129x1600
  • HC_Revolution-copy-1129x1600
  • HC_rich_2-1129x1600
  • HC_Rumba-copy-1129x1600

Havana Club: The Golden Age, Aged Well

Client: Havana Club
Agency: BBDO
Photographer: Dan Smith
Location: New York, NY

  • cropped_X138516_05_BRA_15_OOH_105
  • cropped_X138513_04_BRA_15_OOH_106
  • cropped_X138519_03_BRA_15_OOH_102
  • cropped_X138517_02_BRA_15_OOH_104
  • cropped_X138518_02_BRA_15_OOH_103
  • cropped_X138511_05_BRA_15_OOH_107
  • cropped_X138509_05_BRA_15_OOH_108

IBM: New Way To Work

Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Jake Chessum
Photographer: Jake Chessum
Location: New York, NY

  • UFS_Burger_Asian_Hor_KVs_English
  • UFS_Burger_Global_Hor_KVs_English
  • UFS_Sandwich_Global_Hor_KVs_English
  • UFS_Potato-Salad_Hor_KVs_Portuguese

Hellmann’s: Love At First Bite

Client: Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy Singapore
Photographer: Jake Chessum
Location: Queens, NY

  • IMG_3938 2
  • IMG_3937 2

Southwest Airlines: Smile

Client: Southwest Airlines
Agency: GSD&M
Director: Martin Schoeller
Photographer: Martin Schoeller
Location: New York, NY

COACH: #MyFirstCoach

Client: Coach
Director: Todd Stewart
Location: New York, NY

Avon: Ignite

Client: Avon
Agency: Badger & Winters
Director: Chris Craymer
Location: São Paulo, Brazil; Prague, Czech Republic; Brooklyn, NY

  • lexus1
  • lexus2
  • lexus3
  • lexus4
  • lexus5

Lexus: Fashion Workshop

Client: Lexus
Creative: Vogue
Photographer: Christopher Griffith
Location: Brooklyn, NY

  • screen_shot_2015-03-13_at_10.47.34_am

A&E: Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Client: A&E
Photographer: F Scott Schafer
Location: Queens, NY

Avon: Reps

Client: Avon
Agency: Badger & Winters
Director: Chris Craymer
Location: Rye, NY

  • 1906x983xJohnsonsBaby_1.png.pagespeed.ic.ix-dkC9S2b
  • 1906x981xJohnsonsBAby_2.png.pagespeed.ic.rsDJ2Hd2Xt
  • 1906x983xJohnsonsBAby_3.png.pagespeed.ic.tfyQS21EWZ
  • 1885x1000xJohnsonsBAby_4.png.pagespeed.ic.F2JCN0kSZK
  • 1883x997xJohnsonsBAby_5.png.pagespeed.ic.ReDCdVU2XH

Johnson’s Baby: So Much More

Client: Johnson’s Baby
Agency: BBDO
Photographer: Stefano Azario
Location: Vancouver, Canada

  • BP_Lola_PF copy
  • BP_Richards-Ross_PF copy
  • BP_Rudy_PF copy
  • BP_Stutzman_PF copy
  • BP_Tatyana_Mcfadden_PF copy
  • BP_Singleton_PF copy
  • BP_BrianClay_PF
  • BP_HORTON_PF copy

BP: United

Client: BP
Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Christopher Griffith
Photographer: Christopher Griffith
Location: Houston, TX

  • manpower1
  • manpower2
  • manpower3
  • manpower5
  • manpower6
  • manpower8
  • manpower10
  • manpower7
  • manpower4
  • manpower9
  • manpower11

Manpower: Global Staffing

Client: Manpower
Agency: Martin Agency
Photographer: Martin Schoeller
Location: New York, NY

Tempur-Pedic: Love Waking Up

Client: Tempur-Pedic
Agency: Razorfish
Director: Chris Bren
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Louis Vuitton: Craftsmen on Wheels

Client: Louis Vuitton
Director: Jonathan Leder
Location: Staten Island, NY